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Rustic beauty in the sunlight

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When the dawn breaks, Dong Thap Muoi’s natural landscape becomes vivid in the vibrant sunlight. With the rigorous investment of Dong Thap Tourist Joint Stock Company, this tranquil conservation area has transformed into a lively tourist destination, welcoming visitors from everywhere.

Many people are impressed with the way how this place maintains joyfulness for tourists. What makes visitors to the Dong Thap Muoi Conservation & Ecotourism Area delighted and appreciative is the lovely smiles of the boat rowers with their thin but strong hands, and the friendly and open-minded characteristics of local people along the roads of Thanh Tan Commune, Tan Phuoc District, Tien Giang Province.

In the past, tranquil forests stretched across the region, which echoed songs of the earth and sky, the calls of storks, fish, insects – all constituting a fascinating natural symphony. But the place lacked the footsteps of wanderers and their eagerness of exploration and expectation.

Each day back then, the sun rose and set like solemn notes of a symphony, creating an extremely beautiful landscape beyond anyone’s awareness. The place had no laughter of children, no curious eyes of adventure enthusiasts and no visitors witnessing glorious moments.

Things have changed. The Dong Thap Muoi Conservation & Ecotourism Area now becomes a new destination for those who are seeking a connection and vitality in the heart of the motherland. It is like an irresistible invitation for those who yearn for sharing energy, joy, and fresh moments.

Sunshine smiles under the shade of forests in the Dong Thap Muoi Conservation & Ecotourism Area

Preparing for acceleration

During the recent Tet holiday, the Dong Thap Muoi Conservation & Ecotourism Area experienced a surge in tourist arrivals, with the number of visitors to the site reaching tens of thousands. This influx of tourists marked the first time that the site has truly come to life though it is located in a relatively remote area.

Though the tourist site is still under construction and undergoing renovation, the bustling atmosphere that tourists brought to the tourist site did not make it inferior to any eco-tourism area. Kayaking on canals full of water opens up a vast space, bringing joy and vitality to any visitor to this place.

Early spring is a meaningful time for family members to visit and explore this place. Instead of going somewhere else for holiday, why don’t you come here to discover the hidden beauty of this wild land.

Quietly and gently exploring the heart of the forest

The wonderland where there exist immense forests, purity, and sounds of countless wildlife animals is also home to 156 plant species, 147 bird species, 34 fish species, 8 amphibian species, and 30 insect species, preliminary statistics showed. A world of mythical creatures awaits you in this vast 100-hectare sanctuary, including 40 hectares dedicated to primitive forests, 40 hectares of water surface, and 20 hectares of a buffer zone which are enveloped by a mangrove network. The location offers an extended tour expected to be filled with lots of joy and amazing things.

Showing off the beauty

Sustainable journey

It is not necessary to go any faraway place, as visiting the Dong Thap Muoi Conservation & Ecotourism Area is enough for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge about the immense outside world. Receiving a lot of dedication from the investor, the Dong Thap Muoi Conservation & Ecotourism Area is expected to further develop in the coming time. The new tourist destination contributes to elevating the status of the Mekong Delta region in tourism map, just like Tra Su in An Giang Province did in the past.

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