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Sponsoring education in a systematic manner

By Van Ly

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As corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been no longer a sideshow, businesses have their own ways to conduct CSR activities. Many have even established CSR teams and one of them is Bkav Corporation. The tech firm zeroes in on education support as the focal point of its CSR programs.

In addition to the corporation’s funds, Bkav Corporation established a Bkav volunteer club in 2013 to call on its employees to make donations to the community. Through the club, Bkav has carried out multiple programs to support the underviledged, including its employees and their family members.

Accompanying education sector

To help students under difficult circumstances at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Bkav has spent VND600 million presenting scholarships to them over the past three years. In April this year, Bkav awarded 10 scholarships with each valued at VND20 million to students of the university.

In 2020 and 2021, Bkav gave 10 scholarships per year to students of the university. The corporation plans to organize the scholarship program annually.

Do Thi Thu Hang, director of communications at Bkav, said: “With a desire to reduce the hardship facing students and help them focus on their studies, Bkav has set up a scholarship fund. Bkav expects students to learn better and contribute more to the country.”

The Bkav volunteer club has also accompanied programs to repair schools in mountainous and remote areas.

In May this year, the club and the Bphone Fans Club jointly raised capital totaling VND80 million to build a kitchen at Tong So Kindergarten in Dien Bien Province. The construction of the 20-square-meter kitchen costs VND55 million. The remaining amount was handed over to the Dien Bien Department of Information and Communications’ Youth Union to build a small road to the kindergarten.

Most recently, the two clubs have called on benefactors to contribute over VND100 million to upgrade Tan Lap Kindergarten in Ha Giang Province. The kindergarten has been hit by many whirlwinds, flash floods and landslides. On May 17, a whirlwind swept away the roof and damaged equipment at the kindergarten.

In June last year, the two clubs launched a program to raise VND65 million to build a cistern, a bathroom and a restroom at Pu Hong Primary School in Pu Hong Commune, Dien Bien Dong District, Dien Bien Province, helping over 400 students of the school have better living and learning conditions.

Moreover, Bkav Corporation decided to spend more than VND40 million rebuilding classrooms for students at the school. The Bkav volunteer club also presented 30 sets of tables and chairs to the school.

The club has also provided students of pre-schools and primary schools in Pu Hong Commune with learning tools and clothes, and presented blankets to 60 students at Na Nenh B and Tin Toc A kindergartens in Pu Hong Commune.

Through these small gifts, Bkav staff expected students will find it easier to continue their learning journey.

Through the “warmth from lowland” program, the Bkav volunteer club has also presented 140 blankets and many learning tools to poor students in Duc Huan Commune, Hoa An District, Cao Bang Province.

Furthermore, many poor students in Can Ty Commune in Ha Giang Province’s Quan Ba District have received school bags and gifts from the club.

Supporting the disadvantaged

In addition to students, the Bkav volunteer club has given a helping hand to individuals who lead a difficult life.

In specifics, the club has donated VND20 million to Nguyen Duy Nhen, residing in Hai Duong Province, who has been suffering from a paralytic illness. His family has to borrow loans from many sources to fund his treatment.

The same amount of money has been also given to Do Thi Lanh, a resident of Hung Yen Province. A heavily-indebted widow, she has to bring up two children. The Bkav volunteer club has also provided her son with VND1 million per month to help him continue studying at a university of physical education and sport.

Nguyen Minh Vu, a resident in Hanoi, whose mother died when he was 11 and father is in a vegetative state, is also entitled to the Bkav volunteer club’s support. His family is poor, so he cannot afford his father’s treatment costs.

Therefore, the Bkav volunteer club has donated VND21 million to Vu’s family and helped Vu to get a job at a SmartHome factory.

From small but dedicated acts, Bkav has day by day reached those who are in dire need of support, helped them overcome their difficulties and given them a chance to better their life.

Nothing is more valuable than giving a helping hand to those in need. Once each individual in the community becomes better, the entire society will be definitely better.

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