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Staying beside the community

By Minh Tuan

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As a producer of instant noodle, Acecook Vietnam may be a popular name in the current Covid-19 pandemic, as residents often rush to stock up on necessities especially instant noodle. But the food processor is known not merely because of its food items abundantly supplied to the market during the tough times. Rather, it is Acecook Vietnam’s community spirit that is remembered for long.

As a supporter of sustainable development, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company has always been moving forward in its corporate social responsibility (CSR) journey, which has made positive impact on the society and helped many vulnerable people, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

CSR journey in 2020-2021

When the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic made a devastating comeback in early May, Acecook Vietnam joined hands with the Government in the Covid-19 fight by donating three negative air pressure filtration systems worth VND2 billion to enhance treatment capacity for the HCMC-based Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital.

The company also provided 20,000 boxes of instant noodle to field hospitals for Covid-19 treatment, quarantine centers and people affected by the pandemic. 

Acecook Vietnam’s good deeds in the fight against the pandemic, in fact, began right after the first outbreaks were reported in the country.

In 2020, the company donated VND15 billion to the Vietnam Fatherland Front in HCMC to buy medical equipment and devices that serve Covid-19 infection prevention and control as well as treatment for Covid-19 patients. 

Addressing the handover ceremony, Kajiwara Junichi, general director of Acecook Vietnam, said: “During this difficult time, I hope that we stay beside each other, keep faith, believe in the Government’s efforts and stay positive to take care of ourselves and our family, and look forward to good things.”

When local residents rushed to buy food and stockpiled necessities in a pandemic-induced panic, causing the shortage of goods nationwide, Acecook Vietnam as the leading instant noodle producer in the country swiftly committed to providing sufficient goods for the people at stable prices despite the surging material prices. 

Acecook Vietnam also provided thousands of instant noodle boxes to needy people, who had limited access to food and necessities during the social distancing period. 

Acecook Vietnam, in collaboration with the National Fund for Vietnamese Children, provide instant noodles for children undergoing treatment at Haiphong Hospital

The company’s social responsibility in 2020-2021 was not limited to its contribution to the fight against Covid-19.

When salinity intrusion hit the Mekong Delta region last year, damaging crops and causing a shortage of fresh water, Acecook Vietnam immediately provided VND5 billion and hundreds of gift sets to increase the local people’s access to fresh water for their daily life and production.  

Moreover, Acecook Vietnam has implemented various programs to support central provinces, which were hit hard by natural disasters. Last year, the company handed over more than 4,000 boxes of instant noodle to disadvantaged families and children in disaster-hit areas. 

Additionally, through the “Xuan Truong Sa” (Spratly Spring) program, the company built houses and provided financial support for soldiers on the Spratly Archipelago. 

Not only taking care of people in Vietnam, Acecook has also lent a helping hand to Vietnamese citizens in Japan by providing them with products and free meals during this difficult time. 

All for sustainable development 

In the coming time, Acecook Vietnam will promote internal communications to encourage the humanitarian spirit among the employees. 

The company will organize more community programs and encourage the employees and their families to join. Through directly taking part in the events, they will understand more about the meaning and necessity of charitable programs, and be able to develop sympathy for and spread love to the community.  

Acecook Vietnam will make the most of its strengths in research and development, and production and distribution of food and foodstuff to provide the consumers with safe, convenient and nutritious products, contributing to protecting the community health.

“Businesses can only develop in a developed society. Therefore, businesses have to attach their production and trade to the development of the society. A business that prioritizes its interests, deceives the consumers and causes negative impact for the society may reach its short-term goals but will never be able to develop sustainably,” said a leader of Acecook Vietnam. 

“Direct contribution like offering good products and services to the consumers and indirect contribution like implementing CSR programs are the responsibility that businesses have to take. We believe that these initiatives and actions will help businesses develop sustainably and bring happiness to the entire society,” he added. 

Moreover, the company will collaborate with governmental agencies, business associations, international organizations and other enterprises to implement projects that help Vietnam achieve the sustainable development goals. 

When it comes to sustainable development, importance needs to be attached to environmental protection, and Acecook Vietnam has also been attending to this goal. The company has implemented various environmental protection initiatives such as installing a solar power system and using modern gas-fired steam boiler systems that can reduce CO2 emissions at its factories. 

A company representative said these steps are aligned to Vietnam’s vision, as the Vietnamese Government has issued the National Strategy for Green Growth in 2021-2030, with a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the proportion of renewable energy, and encouraging a green lifestyle and promoting sustainable consumption.

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