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The autumnal Y Ty in the Northwest

By Thu Huong

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HCMC – Y Ty is the name of a highland commune in Bat Xat District of Lao Cai, a province in the northwest of Vietnam. Autumn comes giving Y Ty a gentle and passionate beauty distinctive of this region. The local autumnal lifestyle also becomes busier when farmers, who are ethnic minorities, begin to harvest their crops on terraced rice fields while some others are building new houses and children frolicking on the verandas.

Visitors to Y Ty during fall may contemplate the natural fascinating mixture of colors—they are the yellow of ripe rice on the horizon, the white of the sea of clouds above, the lush green of the surrounding forests and mountains, as well as the brown of dirt walls.

In Y Ty, homestay facilities on 2,000 meters above sea level are favored by some travelers, especially foreign backpackers.

The terraced rice fields in Y Ty

Ripe rice on the fields

The yellow color embellishes the vast terrain of mountains and forests surrounding Y Ty

Local farmers on their fields

Harvested rice being brought home

Some farmers put rice grains in bags to bring them home

A new house under construction

The unique sea of clouds

The magnificent scenes of clouds, mountains and sky when they blend together

A homestay service waiting for guests to come back

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