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Surveillance cameras installed for stricter Covid-19 supervision

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HANOI – At the request of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, 3,000 surveillance cameras have been installed in northern provinces over the past week.

Some 1,000 cameras were installed over the course of five days at 130 quarantine facilities in 125 communes of Bac Giang Province alone – the locality with the most complicated pandemic situation in the country.

All image data from the cameras is integrated into a centralized management system. This combined with cloud computing technology allows the National Steering Committee, the Provincial Steering Committee and the management department at quarantine compounds to monitor the quarantine facilities around the clock.

With the installation of surveillance cameras, pandemic prevention and control agencies can keep track of all activities at the quarantine centers to minimize developments that may aggravate the pandemic situation in terms of human resources. Resources for supervision have been mobilized to the fullest extent.

Telecom firm Viettel is in charge of installing the cameras. To ensure pandemic prevention and control, Viettel’s technical personnel participating in the campaign at the quarantine areas are fully equipped with protective equipment and trained in pandemic prevention skills. After the installation and integration, Viettle personnel will isolate for 21 days at home as mandated.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Viettel has developed technologies to assist the pandemic prevention process such as health apps, electronic medical declarations, tracing F0 via phone numbers, connecting Telehealth to over 1,000 medical facilities and maintaining the operations of those that deployed the system to conduct medical consultations 24/7.

By Van Ly

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