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Sustainable development is no longer optional

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Concepts of development have undergone drastic changes lately when success is not limited to economic indicators, when prosperity is no longer merely defined by robust GDP numbers, and when values are not just measured by material accumulation. At a time rife with uncertainties like now, sustainable development has become the norm, and an ultimate mandate at that.

Indeed, as economic upheavals have been seen across the board these days, all stakeholders in society, from policymakers to businesses, are facing the big question of how to sustain growth, how to stay resilient in the face of headwinds, and how to find a future-proof development path. All point to sustainability.

Just look at the prolonged drought wreaking havoc on perennial crops in the Central Highlands, or salinity intrusion upending farming and people’s livelihoods in the Mekong Delta these days, and all will agree on the urgent need of water conservation. This is just an apparent example of how protecting the environment in general and natural resources in particular as part of sustainable development is of paramount importance.

Sustainability has now increasingly become the focus of all development policies and an inevitable trend worldwide. The Vietnamese Government has also pledged to pursue sustainable development, and integrated the goal into the country’s socioeconomic development strategy for 2021-2030.

The business community has also actively responded to this goal.

Numerous companies have sought to apply environmental-social-governance (ESG) practices to their businesses; multiple corporations have made bold production changes, from linear to circular economic activities; various entities have jumped on the sustainability bandwagon to call for closer collaboration among all stakeholders for long-term benefits; and many others have devoted themselves to community development. They are aware that their customers and partners are changing behaviors as well, looking beyond their products and services to see how enterprises are contributing to environmental protection and societal development. They are increasingly aware that sustainable development will give them a sharp edge in a world of harsh competition now.

Dear valued readers,

We at The Saigon Times strongly appreciate the full-fledged commitment by businesses on the path to sustainability, and wish to become a servant companion for enterprises on that noble journey.

The Saigon Times is now launching the annual program on corporate social responsibility (CSR), with an aim to spread the spirit of sustainable development by publishing CSR stories of businesses. With The Saigon Times CSR 2024 titled Invest in a Sustainable Future (Vì một tương lai bền vững), we are willing to work with sustainability-minded companies to promote your commitment to the rightful development. It is because sustainable development is no longer an option, but the only path for the business community, if the economy and all stakeholders are to thrive in the future.

You are kindly requested to send your CSR stories to The Saigon Times so that we can connect your enterprises to the community.

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