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Greening e-commerce

Unfortunately, the fast development of e-commerce has brought about many negative impacts on the environment, such as increasing packaging waste and carbon emissions. How to promote e-commerce greening is an issue for policymakers in Vietnam. Many people think e-commerce is an economic sector that contributes to environmental protection. For example, online shopping helps mitigate greenhouse gas emissions because shoppers do not have to go to physical stores to buy goods and reduce paper waste as the shopping is conducted mainly online, so businesses do not have to print invoices. This is true, but it is only part of the reality. The negative environmental impact of e-commerce activities was mentioned at the recent forum “Fulfilling orders 2023—towards green e-commerce”. According to the forum, online retail has two main phases with harmful impacts on the environment, including delivery which involves large volumes of carbon emissions from vehicle traffic and packaging such as cartons, nylon packages, bubble air sheets, foam boxes, and single-use plastics. Super-fast solutions also cause much concern because they increase carbon emissions. According to a report published at the end of 2022 by the World Economic Forum, if there is no interventional measure, the number of means of delivery in […]
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