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Vietnam remains attractive to foreign investors: EuroCham

HCMC - Vietnam’s stable macro-economic climate, with inflation in single digits, continues to increase investor confidence in the country’s trade and investment environment, the...

EU enterprises in Vietnam optimistic again

The leadership of European Union enterprises in Vietnam has become more optimistic about Vietnam’s business environment after the social distancing has ended, and commerce...

European businesses optimistic about Vietnam’s business environment

HCMC – European businesses have become more optimistic about Vietnam’s business environment following the end of lockdowns and the new normal of post-pandemic trade...

Supply chain disruptions cause orders to leave Vietnam

The persistent Covid-19 pandemic and the stringent measures imposed to combat it have resulted in supply chain disruptions that prompt many enterprises to shift...

European enterprises urge Covid-19 vaccination drive in Vietnam

HCMC – European business leaders have urged the Government to go further and faster in the Covid-19 vaccination drive, proposing harnessing the power of...

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