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VAS launches Summer Camp with 50% tuition discount for current students

Getting back to normal life after three years of being affected by Covid-19, this summer is an ideal occasion for children to participate in...

The new CEO of VAS: Students are at the centre and given world-class academic opportunities

In February 2022, VAS welcomed the new CEO – Ms. Helen Kavanagh from the UK, a highly experienced education business leader with 2 postgraduate...

VAS officially joins the XCL Education Group and the benefits for its students

At the end of 2021, Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) made a strategic move by joining XCL - an international education group headquartered in...

VAS in the top 42 businesses with significant CSR activities in 2021

“To nurture the well-rounded and highly responsible generation is the mission and also the motivation for VAS to reach the breakthrough milestones in its...

Helly Tống: “Let’s empower and trust the young generation!”

Participating for the third year in a row in the inspirational sharing series VAS Talks organized by Vietnam Australia International School (VAS), Helly Tong...

VAS Talks 2021 – Inspirational solutions for students after Covid-19

The prolonged pandemic has greatly affected the wellbeing and mental health of the people living in Ho Chi Minh City, including children of school...

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