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Vietnam Australia International School celebrates 20-year milestone with outstanding achievements

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Over 7,500 students at Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) have celebrated the school’s 20th anniversary with a bumper year of achievements and awards.

2,064 awards and VND157 billion in scholarships

This year, VAS students won 2,064 awards in academic and talent competitions at the district, city, national, and international levels. This is double the number of awards in the 2022-2023 school year and four times the number in the 2021-2022 school year.

Of these, 821 awards were at the national and international levels (accounting for 40%), with 54% of the awards for elementary school students. Many outstanding elementary school students won over 10 awards, with one student winning up to 46.

Honoring outstanding elementary school students in competitions at all levels

In addition to the outstanding number of awards, as of mid-May, VAS students have also brought home 145 early scholarships with a total value of VND157 billion, 2.7 times higher than in the previous year. This number is still increasing.

Notably, there are outstanding students who have won 5-11 scholarships from prestigious universities around the world, including Nguyen Duc Uy Liem (VAS Garden Hills); Le Minh Bao, Pham Vu Phuong Trinh, Pham Ngoc Boi, Duong Viet Khoa (VAS Hoang Van Thu), Nguyen Thanh Bach (VAS Riverside), Phan Anh Dung (VAS Sala), Vu Thi Ngoc Hien (VAS Ba Thang Hai), and so on.

Rewarding VAS students who have achieved early scholarships

In addition, VAS awarded the “VAS Excellence Scholarship” to 33 students with the highest academic achievements in each grade, as well as the “VASers Changemaker Award” to 10 students with outstanding community contributions. This is the school’s recognition and encouragement of VAS students’ efforts, not only in academics but also in community initiatives.

Maintaining outstanding Cambridge achievements

The 2023-2024 school year is also the year VAS students have achieved outstanding results in the Cambridge program.

In the Cambridge English Program (CEP), nearly 50% of students achieved the highest score (A-A*) in English.

In the bilingual program (CAP) and Fully Integrated Cambridge International Program (CAPI), 30%-40% of students achieved the highest A–A* score for all Cambridge subjects, including 3 AS/A Level subjects (grades 11–12), 4 IGCSE subjects (grades 9–10), and 3 Cambridge Math, English, and Science subjects (grades 1–8).

In the 2023 Cambridge exams, VAS students also had a bumper “harvest” with 4 “Top Score in Vietnam” titles, 170 students achieving A-A* scores in all subjects, and nearly 1,000 other students honored for their high and outstanding achievements.

As in previous years, 100% of VAS 12th graders are eligible to take the national high school graduation exam and apply to universities, including students in the CAPI program.

This means that VAS CAPI students, if they register for the graduation exam, will have a “dual degree” , including both the national high school graduation certificate and the Cambridge A Level international certificate.

CAP and CAPI VAS students receive a “dual degree” upon graduation

VAS students, with Cambridge English certificates and A-Level diplomas, are also exempt from the English exam of the national high school graduation exam.

A-level diplomas also help students exempt many credits for the first year, shortening their university studies by nearly a year. This is an excellent benefit for students studying bilingual and full international integration programs at VAS.

The 2023-2024 school year, themed “Well-becoming: Nurturing Resilience and Happiness,” marked VAS’s 20th anniversary with many memorable moments, opening a new chapter in the well-becoming journey for VAS and all VASers.

Over two decades, VAS has nurtured generations of outstanding students who are now pursuing their dreams in diverse fields, both in Vietnam and globally.

Grade 12 VAS student representatives deliver speeches at Year-End Ceremony
VAS is welcoming its 21st generation of students with a range of enrollment promotions, including discounts of up to VND35 million, free entrance exams, and many other attractive offers.

For more information and enrollment inquiries, please contact:

Website: https://www.vas.edu.vn/en

Hotline: 0911 26 77 55

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