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The value of Cambridge AS and A Level qualifications you might not know

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The Cambridge A Level program offers students not only a prestigious credential that opens doors to top universities but also numerous global advantages that not everyone is aware of.

Globally recognized and lifelong “Premier Qualification”

Offered since 1951 by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary Levels (AS Levels) and Cambridge International Advanced Levels (A Levels) programs are highly regarded and recognized worldwide.

“I think there are tremendous benefits in pursuing the Cambridge curriculum. It is a proven international curriculum for success in higher education and we know that students who pursue it have been successful around the world,” said Jerry Lucido, CERPP Executive Director, University of Southern California, USA.

According to CAIE’s recognition database, AS/A Level and IGCSE qualifications are accepted by most universities worldwide, including over 1,000 universities in the U.S., including the prestigious Ivy League, as well as most universities in the UK and Europe, 74 universities in Australia and New Zealand, 65 in Canada, and 22 in Vietnam.

Stuart Schmill, Dean of Admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, remarks, “Students we have who have taken Cambridge International A Levels do very well at our campus. They are very well-prepared for our curriculum, and we find that they have a lot of confidence, but also that they have a good, deep subject knowledge, [and] the ability to think critically and well.”

“Our experience is that Cambridge Advanced qualifications such as Cambridge International AS and A Levels are consistently robust and reliable, and prepare students very well for higher education,” said Katherine Hind, Senior Undergraduate Admissions Manager, Newcastle University, UK

The recognition and appreciation of Cambridge qualifications by universities are on the rise, with many universities offering priority admission policies for A Level students.

According to CAIE, university course credit and advanced standing is often available in countries such as the U.S. and Canada. Good grades in carefully chosen Cambridge International A Level subjects can result in up to a year’s worth of credit for four-year degree programs.

A 2021 study at Florida State University (FSU) showed that 90% of Cambridge students enrolled at FSU graduate within 4 years (with an average of 3.8 years). This rate is much higher than students who earned college credit via other advanced coursework programs like AP (84%), IB (83%), and others (78%).

Data also shows that 73% of Cambridge A Level students achieved an A grade in their subsequent courses, significantly higher than the overall student rate of 49%. This indicates that Cambridge students appear to be better prepared for high-level academic achievement in university.

Notably, 92% of students who scored an E in AS/A Level grade subjects achieved an A/B grade in the relevant subsequent course in college. This suggests that even students with the minimum AS/A Level grade still perform well academically at the university level.

The distinctiveness of A Level Education at VAS

Admission standards and credit policies are varied by each university in each country. Therefore, students need early counseling to choose a field of study and university that maximizes the advantages of their qualifications.

For instance, in the U.S., Yale and Massachusetts universities only award credits for A Level scores of A or B while Boston and Seattle universities grant credits for both AS and A Level scores starting from a grade of C, with 4 to 7.5 credits for AS grade and 8 to 15 credits for A Level grade.

Therefore, at the Vietnam Australia International School (VAS), students receive career counseling starting in Grade 8 and continuing through Grade 12, along with guidance to develop a study plan extending through grade 12 and beyond.

The AS/A Levels program at VAS offers over 10 diverse subjects, catering to students’ career orientations and current industry trends such as: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Art and Design, Business, Economics, Global Perspectives & Research, Computer Science, and English Literature. Students will study 4 AS subjects and 4 A Level subjects.

Students following the Cambridge Academic Program Bilingual (CAP) and Cambridge Academic Program International (CAPI) will graduate with “dual” qualifications, including a national diploma and international Cambridge qualifications issued by CAIE for each level: Primary Checkpoint (Grade 5), Lower Secondary Checkpoint, (Grade 8) IGCSE (Grade 10), AS Level (Grade 11), and A Level (Grade 12).

Mr. Rodney Stone, CEO Stone Accounting Group, and his wife share the reasons for choosing VAS for their child and the advantages of the CAPI program at VAS

In addition to academic knowledge with experienced Cambridge-certified teachers, VAS students participate in numerous practical projects to gain a deeper understanding of their subjects and fields of study.

This approach helps students acquire in-depth knowledge and develop essential skills for future success, such as critical thinking, research skills, teamwork, communication, negotiation, presenting ideas, and using English appropriately in various contexts.

These are the values that Cambridge education programs aim to foster: developing learners who are creative, confident, and ready to make a positive impact on the world.

VAS students showcase their project involving a smart sensor for automated waste sorting as part of the VAS Community program
VAS students actively participate in the VAS Community program, taking on roles that involve developing projects, fundraising, and executing them

Contact VAS for more information on Cambridge International Education Programs and enjoy offers up to VND35 million at www.vas.edu.vn – Hotline 0911 26 77 55

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