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Health and safety tips for walkers

Walking brings many benefits to health, improving cardiovascular health, relieving stress, controlling blood sugar, strengthening the immune system, and increasing longevity. According to Suc khoe & Doi song news site, when taking a walk in hot weather, you should abide by the following health and safety tips: – Start walking at a suitable time of the day: Dawn is the best time for walking, especially during summer months from May to August. In coastal areas, sea breezes cool down everything in the middle of afternoon, so this is a suitable time to start walking. When the temperature is over 32oC and the humidity is over 60%, it is better to do physical exercises indoors instead of outdoors. – Take a walk on a shady route: Do not walk in harsh sunlight on asphalt or concrete roads; it is better to walk in the shade of trees, as in a park with shade trees, where the temperature is a little lower. Take a rest now and then in the shade of trees. – Drink enough water when walking in sunshine: Bring a bottle of cool water with you when walking. Cool water can help lower the body temperature when you take […]
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