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Benefits of walking for older people

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It is good for old people’s health should they walk regularly. According to Suc khoe & Doi song news site, walking at the pace of 100 steps per minute, or about 4.8 kilometers per hour, is considered to be fairly fast. Walking is a low-impact exercise and a good way for everybody, especially old people, to maintain their health. Walking at this pace also helps practitioners sweat and increase their heart rates. At the age of 40 and above, health and many parts of the body tend to grow weak, which affects the quality of life. Walking, especially with a fast pace, can help prevent high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and bone and joint illnesses. The benefits of walking – Losing extra weight and preventing obesity: Walking at a regularly fast pace for 30 minutes can help burn some 200 calories. Forming the habit of walking every day can help practitioners stay healthy. – Strengthening the immune system: Walking regularly enables the body to produce T-cells, which are a type of white blood cell called lymphocytes. T-cells help the immune system fight germs and thus prevent certain diseases. – Preventing bone and joint diseases, and backache: Walking at a […]
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