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The handshake with TSL that “revolutionized” Seedcom Logistics’s warehouse

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Seedcom Logistics, a prominent player in Vietnam’s retail sector, has achieved a significant milestone in its digital transformation journey by successfully deploying the Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System (BY WMS).

Under the professional consultation and implementation of Total Solutions Logistics  Company Limited (TSL) – BlueYonder’s official partner in Vietnam – the project was completed within an impressive two-month timeframe, far exceeding the initial plan. The BY WMS solution is currently applied to operate Seedcom’s storage and distribution centers, seamlessly catering to over 35,000 distribution points within the company’s expansive retail ecosystem.

The leading technology

Mr. Đậu Hoàng Minh, CEO of Seedcom Logistics Joint Stock Company

“Seedcom Logistics has successfully found a comprehensive solution to achieve optimal efficiency in operations and establish a seamless, productive supply chain,” proudly stated Mr. Đậu Hoàng Minh, CEO of Seedcom Logistics Joint Stock Company, during the go-live event of the Blue Yonder WMS project on the morning of October 27th.

In recent years, the “New Retail” model has become an essential trend in the retail industry. Businesses must focus not only on products and prices but also on enhancing the customer experience. To succeed with this model, businesses must establish a flawless and efficient supply chain that seamlessly connects sales points, e-commerce platforms, distribution centers, logistics, and beyond. In a vast multichannel retail ecosystem like Seedcom’s, technology and data stand as the ultimate keys to solving challenges in management, enhancing operational efficiency, and elevating customer experiences.

Understanding this paradigm shift, Seedcom Logistics swiftly adapted. In just over two months, Seedcom Logistics, as a vital component connecting all aspects of Seedcom’s ecosystem, successfully implemented the Blue Yonder WMS solution.  This complete digitization of warehouse operations was guided by the expert consultancy and professional deployment of Total Solutions Logistics Co., Ltd (TSL), the official partner of Blue Yonder in Vietnam.

Mr. Đậu Hoàng Minh emphasized that thanks to the Blue Yonder WMS solution, Seedcom Logistics has achieved accurate inventory control and real-time management of all warehouse operations, including goods import and export, as well as inventory count.

According to TSL, Blue Yonder WMS has been seamlessly integrated with Seedcom Logistics’ existing ERP system, enhanced by the implementation of cutting-edge barcode solutions. This integration offers a comprehensive, real-time view of all warehouse operations, guaranteeing precise control and visibility. As a result, warehouse operational efficiency has been enhanced, leading to optimized resource utilization and higher asset effectiveness.

Mr. Trần Anh Minh Huy, CEO of Total Solutions Logistics Co., Ltd.

Furthermore, with Blue Yonder WMS, Seedcom Logistics has been able to manage inventory with absolute precision. Information is clearly and dynamically displayed, enabling measurement of results and continuous improvements. “The system helps detect and provide alerts about inventory levels, offering optimal suggestions for imports, exports, and transfers between areas – tasks that are challenging for humans to synthesize and accurately predict,” shared Mr. Trần Anh Minh Huy, CEO of TSL Company.

Blue Yonder WMS empowers Seedcom Logistics to establish seamless connections across the Seedcom ecosystem, uniting consumers, retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers through four advanced distribution centers. These centers offer specialized facilities for dry, fresh, and temperature-controlled goods. The previous warehouse management system struggled to match Seedcom’s swift expansion and the escalating requirements of the modern multichannel business model.

Transformation for the future

Mr. Đậu Hoàng Minh (L), CEO of Seedcom Logistics Joint Stock Company; Mr. Trần Anh Minh Huy (M), CEO of Total Solutions Logistics Co., Ltd; Sukhdeep Singh; Mr.Sukhdeep Singh (R), Vice President – Partner Success, Asia Pacific and Japan of BlueYonder

The selection of an advanced technological solution such as Blue Yonder WMS is not just a response to current requirements; it is also a strategic preparation for the future, as emphasized by Mr. Đậu Hoàng Minh, CEO of Seedcom Logistics. He highlighted that the decision to partner with TSL and Blue Yonder was the result of meticulous evaluation considering a multitude of factors. Seedcom is a modern retailer with a diverse ecosystem and is always ready for significant operational expansion. Therefore, it is imperative that the chosen technology system is adaptable to this growth. Investing in a seamlessly integrated system becomes significant, reducing the future risk of rebuilding and ensuring sustainable efficiency.

Moreover, Seedcom necessitates a proficient consulting and implementation partner in Vietnam, like TSL, to guarantee project quality, deliver staff training, provide ongoing support during deployment, and address any arising issues promptly and effectively.

“Seedcom Logistics and Seedcom are fully prepared to embark on a larger-scale expansion without worries about investment costs or resource limitations,” shared a leader of Seedcom Logistics.

Moreover, as per Mr. Trần Anh Minh Huy, the prominent feature of Blue Yonder WMS lies in its all-encompassing warehouse management solution, designed to accommodate diverse warehouse types. This solution seamlessly integrates with ERP systems and other automation technologies, ensuring adaptability and efficiency. With BlueYonder’s extensive global customer network and positive feedback from domestic users, TSL is confident to leverage its deployment expertise to tackle any challenges faced.

“Effective risk management is crucial in WMS project implementation. Hence, throughout the deployment, TSL’s team always focuses on risk management, defining clear objectives for each phase. This approach ensures precise execution, aligning with the plan and delivering optimal outcomes,” emphasized Mr. Huy.

The successful “Go-live” event of the Blue Yonder WMS system has marked a significant milestone in the long-term strategic partnership between Seedcom and TSL. As a leading player in the Vietnamese retail industry, Seedcom is proactive in investing in cutting-edge technologies for the future. Committed to providing exceptional customer experiences, Seedcom has declared its intention to go beyond WMS. The company has revealed its plans to expand further in collaboration with TSL and Blue Yonder progressively digitizing the entire supply chain operation, aiming to become a pioneering leader in Vietnam’s “new retail” landscape.

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