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The Industry-Academic Cultivation Program of High-level Talents in Semiconductor Industry

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Press Release for Overseas High-level Talent Recruitment Event

Vietnam Event

The Industry-Academic Cultivation Program of High-level Talents in Semiconductor Industry of the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs aims to help Taiwan’s semiconductor businesses and higher education institutions connect with outstanding international talent and effectively disseminate resources across the world. The first online recruitment event for high-level talent in Vietnam will be held on Friday, October 22, 2021. The event will be aimed at individuals enrolled in science and engineering majors at universities across Vietnam.

Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is a key force in the global supply chain, with high market shares in the three major fields of IC design, manufacturing, and packaging and testing. The industry reached its new peak at a value of NT$3 trillion in 2020 with a growth of 20.7%, making Taiwan the second largest economy in terms of the semiconductor industry. The Taiwanese administration officially listed the semiconductor industry at the top of its six core strategic industries, demonstrating its significance in international trade development and promoting Taiwan’s competitiveness. In light of the economy’s strength in high-level talent, the Taiwanese administration is actively pushing Taiwan to become the hub of high-end manufacturing in Asia as well as the center of advanced semiconductor processes and is expected to invest NT$7.6 billion over two years. The move will attract more foreign semiconductor equipment and material companies for expanded investments in Taiwan up to NT$1.2 trillion, placing Taiwan in the heart of the global supply chain as it aims for an annual output value of over NT$5 trillion in 2030. The Taiwanese administration has taken measures such as expanding the range of eligible professions, making it easier for outstanding graduates to work in Taiwan, and loosening restrictions on permanent residence to better facilitate the flow of international resources and cultivate overseas talent. By providing a more favorable working environment for foreigners, Taiwan can become the top choice for exceptional individuals seeking education or work.

  • In 2020, semiconductor material sales in Taiwan reached US$12.38 billion, accounting for 22.4% of the global market, making Taiwan the largest semiconductor material market 11 years in a row.
  • The 2020 semiconductor equipment sales in Taiwan was US$17.15, accounting for 24% of the global market and ranking number two in the world.

The event is divided into two halves, with the first half led by National Taiwan University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University and National Sun Yat-Sen University, who will introduce school programs tailored for international students. The second half is led by renown semiconductor companies including TSMC, Realtek, Himax and Auden, who will introduce high-level industry openings and employee benefits. For participants who submit a resume, a potential interview awaits. Whether you are looking for a school or a job, we cordially invite you to join us at the event to learn about Taiwan.

For more information, please go to the Southern Taiwan Industry Promotion Center (STIPC) website at https://www.stipc.org/tw/actregister/16

Title: Overseas High-level Talent Recruitment Event – Vietnam

Date: Friday, Oct 22, 2021, 13:15

Register for the event here: https://www.stipc.org/tw/actregister/16 (Please register by: 2021/10/21)

Send your resume here: emmatsai@g-mail.nsysu.edu.tw (Please send by: 2021/10/31)

Online tool for the event: Microsoft Teams

Supervised by: Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Organized by: The Industry-Academia Cultivation Program of High-level Talents in Semiconductor Industry

Executed by: Institute for Information Industry and the Southern Taiwan Industry Promotion Center

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