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The peaceful charm of Yen Thinh beckons visitors

By Ngoc Luong & Hung Vi

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More than 100 kilometers from the capital city of Hanoi, Yen Thinh Commune in Huu Lung District, Lang Son Province, is where tourists can immerse themselves in nature

Yen Thinh Commune is surrounded by limestone mountains and mysterious caves. Forests in the commune are home to rare and precious timber, while its valleys boast vast rice fields. Another highlight of Yen Thinh is the Lan Cut Lake shaped as a heart. Travelers follow a 50-meter path in the middle of a forest to get to the unique lake. The cool water is ideal for swimming.

In the dry season, Yen Thinh is perfect for a picnic, camping and other outdoor activities, while the commune’s landscapes are truly breathtaking during the rains.

Locals living in the commune are the Tay, Nung and Dao ethnic peoples, aside from the majority Kinh people. As homestay services are available in Yen Thinh, travelers can experience local life and taste the specialties made using homemade and natural ingredients, such as corn cakes, black sticky rice cakes, grilled chicken and wild herbs, to name but a few.

Travelers and homestay owners gather around and enjoy a meal together, offering travelers a chance to further understand the local culture.

There are also big stilt houses with two long roofs, two short roofs and three or five compartments, for visitors to see.

According to a local tour guide, travelers can book short tours to fully enjoy the destination.

Mountain ranges stretching to the horizon in Yen Thinh are ideal for climbers. The commune has 82 climbing points at different levels serving both amateur and professional climbers. Standing atop the mountain peaks, they can witness a panoramic view of the commune, with its rice and corn fields beneath.

It is said that visitors to Yen Thinh can explore the untapped nature, witness beautiful landscapes and enjoy a distinctive local culture.

Yellow rice fields ready for harvest

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