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The timeless beauty of Vinh Quy Green Grass Hill

By Nhu Truc

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Visiting Vinh Quy Grass Hill between May and October each year offers tourists a chance to immerse themselves in a picturesque natural landscape. With a clear blue sky above and an endless carpet of green grass covering the rolling hills, the scene is nothing short of poetic.

Located in Vinh Quy Commune, Ha Lang District, Cao Bang Province, Vinh Quy Grass Hill, also known as Ba Quang Grass Hill, is nestled 80 kilometers from the heart of Cao Bang City. The journey to this grassy hill is not for the faint-hearted, as it involves negotiating challenging and steep hills and mountains. Tourists are advised to seek guidance from locals or embark on the journey with a knowledgeable local guide. If visitors opt for personal vehicles, they should possess sturdy driving skills.

The path to Vinh Quy Grass Hill is tough to negotiate as it passes through steep hills and mountains

The ascent to the peak of Vinh Quy Grass Hill takes about 15 minutes on foot. From the hilltop, tourists are treated to a breathtaking view of endless mountains, lush forests, vast fields, and charming villages.

Vinh Quy Grass Hill dons a different beauty in each season. Its peak allure shines from May to October when refreshing rains bring a mountainous freshness and fragrance to the area. During this season, the climate is pleasantly cool, making it a magnet for tourists. Moreover, visitors may be fortunate enough to witness a stunning sea of floating clouds. On the other hand, from October to January, Vinh Quy Grass Hill transforms into a landscape of fiery grass, painting the area in a unique orange-yellow hue.

The best times for photography are in the early morning, between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., when the sun is gentle, or in the afternoon when the sunlight becomes milder. Tourists can revel in the tranquility, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life, breathing in fresh air, and leisurely strolling along the trails that crisscross the hill.

Travelers exploring Vinh Quy Grass Hill can partake in various activities such as camping and hosting outdoor barbecues with friends and family. For overnight camping trips, it is advisable to bring warm clothing, specialized camping gear, and provisions. Beyond Vinh Quy Grass Hill, tourists have the opportunity to explore other attractions like Lenin Stream, Thang Hen Lake, Phia Oac Mountain, and more. They can also savor Cao Bang’s local delicacies, including sour pho, black canarium, Ha Lang pork, and Na Po green rice.

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