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As tough as ever

By Nhan Tam

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The conference convened last week highlighted a host of pressing issues that demand resolution if the central coastal city of Danang aims to achieve breakthroughs and establish sustainable growth within the current market turbulence. This marked the inaugural nine-month preliminary conference for Danang’s tourism industry, attended by not only city leaders but also representatives from various departments and businesses. The public’s expectation is that this gathering will, to some extent, contribute to addressing the ongoing challenges. These challenges encompass the global economic recession, destination competitiveness, declining international visitor numbers, and the financial struggles faced by businesses. It is hoped that such efforts will pave the way for robust development in Danang’s tourism sector in the years ahead. Businesspeople’s sentiments Cao Tri Dung, chairman of the Danang Tourism Association, spoke on behalf of tourism businesses, addressing several pressing matters and making recommendations. Corporate finance took the forefront in his discussion, as Dung emphasized its profound impact not only on corporate operations but also on service quality. “Many tourism companies have been struggling with cash flow in the past three years. Many of them with big loans are at risk of dissolution,” Dung said. He said rising input costs have further exacerbated […]
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