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The untamed beauty of hydropower reservoir

By Dang Huy

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Located in Kon Tum Province, Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Reservoir beckons with its majestic and pristine natural landscape, coupled with a tranquil atmosphere. This hidden gem is an ideal destination for nature-loving visitors eager to explore new lands.

The Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Reservoir stands as the largest hydropower project in the province, boasting a capacity of over 145 million cubic meters and stretching nearly 17 kilometers in length. Located within Dak Snghe River in Dak Koi Commune, Kon Ray District, and Dak Tang Commune, Kon Plong District, this semi-artificial lake serves as a vital water reservoir for the Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Project. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in regulating water flow, providing irrigation, and preventing floods for locals, while also supplying water for the Thach Nham Irrigation Project in Quang Ngai Province.

Surrounded by both primary and cultivated forests, the landscape of Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Reservoir is truly captivating. Over time, the long-term storage of water in the lake has inadvertently submerged hundreds of pine trees along its banks, rendering them a striking ivory-white color. This unique phenomenon adds to the allure of the lake, contributing to its mysterious charm.

A small stream weaves its way between the ravines and flows into the lake

The lake offers a mesmerizing sight, with its emerald-green water adorned by islands of various sizes gently nestled within. As visitors float atop the lake, they can witness small streams meandering through ravines and converging into its serene expanse. Scattered across the lake are cages containing freshwater fish, including common carp, perch, and snakehead, meticulously raised by local residents. Moreover, the stable low water temperature makes it an ideal environment for experimenting with temperate fish species such as sturgeon and salmon.

The Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Reservoir provides an ideal spot for tourists to camp and reconnect with nature, indulge in standup paddleboarding, or partake in the age-old tradition of fishing alongside local fishermen to reel in the day’s fresh catch. As they explore, they may catch glimpses of the tranquil village of Xo Dang nestled along the mountainside or the Ro Xia Waterfall cascading with white foam upstream. At Thuong Kon Tum Hydropower Lake, nature’s elements harmonize seamlessly, painting a pristine and poetic tableau that enchants all who venture there.

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