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Trang Bang rice noodle soup

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This kind of rice noodle soup which combines the softness and fragrance of Trang Bang rice and the sweetness of the broth from pork bones is sure to win the heart of food lovers. It is a specialty of Tay Ninh, a province some 100 kilometers from HCMC.

Trang Bang District in Tay Ninh Province has been well known for its rice paper and rice noodle making villages. A bowl of Trang Bang rice noodle soup offering unique taste is a must-try specialty for tourists to the district.

In fact, Trang Bang rice noodles are made from aromatic rice soaked in water overnight before being ground into flour. The steamed rice flour will be then shaped into noodles. Each rice noodle maker will have their own way to season rice flour, which helps rice noodles acquire a unique taste.

At first, the ingredients of the broth served with Trang Bang rice noodle soup are not much different from other noodle soups. It is made by boiling pork bones, carrots and straw mushrooms in water. However, for unknown reasons, this broth will give Trang Bang rice noodle soup a special taste.

Some say the secret is the interaction between the ingredients and the rice as diners enjoying the noodle soup can feel rice noodles and fat bacon pieces melting in their mouth. The dish will be more flavorful with some lemon juice, fish sauce and sliced chilies.

It is easy to find eateries serving Trang Bang rice noodle soup across Saigon, such as Ong Cao Trang Bang Rice Noodle Soup, 168 Trang Bang Rice Noodle Soup, Hoang Ty Trang Bang Specialties, to name but a few. A bowl of Trang Bang rice noodle soup cost VND40,000-60,000.

By Yen Nhi

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