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Transport Ministry to stop manual toll collection on expys from June 1

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – The Ministry of Transport has urged the relevant departments and agencies to stick identification cards on all vehicles to use the non-stop electronic toll collection (ETC) service and eliminate manual toll collection from June 1.

The ministry asked the Directorate for Road of Vietnam to review and place the ID cards on all vehicles managed by the directorate and call on civil servants to first attach the cards onto their private vehicles to ensure the manual toll collection model ends from June 1.

The Directorate for Roads of Vietnam was also told to pilot the ETC service on the Hanoi-Haiphong expressway and urge provinces and cities to quickly stick the cards on all vehicles, according to the ministry’s directive.

The ministry also gave the same task to the Vietnam Register, including reviewing and placing the cards on all vehicles managed by the agency and encouraging its employees to stick the cards on their cars.

Besides, ETC service providers were asked to ramp up the ID card attachment sites and offer the service at the headquarters of State-owned agencies and residential areas to speed up the process of eliminating manual toll collection.

The ministry also asked the investors of BOT projects to create favorable conditions for service providers to stick ID cards at toll stations, the local media reported.

Statistics from the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam indicated that in 2021, over 2.3 million of the nearly five million vehicles nationwide had ID cards for using the ETC service.

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