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TUNG Group launches project to elevate Vietnamese cuisine

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – TUNG Group, a culinary innovator in Vietnam, has launched an ambitious project aimed at revitalizing traditional Vietnamese cuisine and fostering the next generation of culinary talent.

The “Lên Men: Umami Unleashed” project will focus on exploring and elevating traditional fermented foods and beverages from Hanoi and the northwest mountainous region.

The goal is to integrate these time-honored techniques into modern fine dining, while also promoting food security and sustainability. The project is led by Chef Hoang Tung, fermentation expert Jason Ignacio White, and Vietnamese fermentation pioneer Daniel Hoai Tien.

“Lên Men: Umami Unleashed” will include a series of masterclasses, exclusive dinners in Hanoi and HCMC, and an exchange program with KOTO, a non-profit organization that empowers disadvantaged youth through culinary training. The project aims to inspire young chefs and elevate Vietnamese gastronomy on the international stage.

TUNG Group, founded by Chef Hoang Tung, is renowned for its innovative approach to Vietnamese cuisine, with restaurants like T.U.N.G Dining and Å by TUNG garnering international acclaim.

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