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Unlocking the untapped potential

Associate Professor, PhD Nguyen Minh Hoa (*)

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With proper planning and organization, the Saigon River has the potential to transform into a river of immense historical, cultural, heritage, and economic value, spurring the development of HCMC and crafting a distinctive identity for the city. After nearly 40 years of rapid urban development, the once-vast land resources of HCMC have been significantly used up, leaving only Can Gio and Cu Chi districts as relatively untouched areas. Surprisingly, a stretch of land approximately 80 kilometers long along the Saigon River has remained largely untouched and in its natural state. Perhaps it is due to the oversight of real estate magnates, or maybe the true potential of this land is still hidden beneath layers of geography, culture, and history, which the hesitant have yet to explore. Regardless of the reason, this represents a fortunate and valuable asset for the city. With careful planning and development, this area has the potential to transform into a river rich in historical, cultural, heritage, and economic significance – often referred to as the “money river.” Such a transformation would undoubtedly contribute to the growth and identity of HCMC. Many of the world’s major and renowned cities are intricately linked with rivers because rivers are […]
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