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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week

The Saigon Times

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Focus: More Rate Cuts Down The Road? The possibility of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) making more interest rate cuts in the coming time is high, especially for the ceiling rate for deposits of less than six months and the recapitalization rate, which have been kept unchanged for quite some time.

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A Bad Omen For Export Companies Tax Policy: The global economic slump has weighed heavily on Vietnam’s key product exports, placing labor-intensive enterprises in the billion-dollar export “club” in peril.

Concern Over Global Minimum Tax: The global minimum corporate tax policy is poised to take effect early next year, which may adversely affect Vietnam’s attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI) as the country has over the years offered tax incentives to lure investors.

Prime Locations In Hardship: The retail sector in HCMC is facing a harsh reality: many stores in prime locations have been closed or even abandoned, leaving the walls full of rental advertisements. Local businesses have also been hit hard as consumers have tightened their purse strings.


Waiting For Savings: The stock market has seen quite a positive development since banks have begun lowering their deposit rates, particularly with realty stocks, plus the support from Decree 08 and Resolution 33 recently issued by the Government.

A Tough Year For ICT Products: Several reports by market research units have envisioned 2023 as a year full of difficulties and challenges for retailing ICT products.


Coconut Nectar—A New Lifeline: To deal with the constantly falling prices of coconuts season after season, garden owners in Ben Tre Province have found a way to deal with the problem by shifting to extracting nectar from coconut flowers, thus earning a profit two or three times higher than selling coconuts.

Farming Ritual Of Tay People: Long Tong Festival is an annual farming ritual after the Lunar New Year. This is the chance for local farmers to give thanks to the earth, sky, and gods who have blessed them with a bumper crop and clement weather wind. Local ethnic people also pray for good health, happiness, and prosperity.


A Place Still Retains Original Beauty Of Sapa: Unlike the center of Sapa, which is being commercialized with many man-made constructions, Hau Chu Ngai still retains its original beauty and is an ideal destination for chasing clouds.

Different Taste Of Long Xuyen Broken Rice: Although there are many types of broken rice served in different regions, Long Xuyen broken rice has its own characteristics that visitors cannot ignore when visiting An Giang.

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