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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: High Logistics Costs Bite: High logistics costs and heavy dependence on foreign shipping companies have become major challenges for Vietnam’s agricultural exports, affecting product quality and pricing.

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Unemployment Worries: Rising unemployment has become a pressing issue as it has extended into the second half of the year, affecting the industries that are key export and economic growth drivers. The situation is weighing on social order, security and welfare, and the economy. Immediate action is needed to address the challenges and mitigate their impact on the country.

Hidden Risks For Brisk Growth: Though half a year had passed, the real estate market has barely improved despite multiple measures being taken to back it.

Connecting Vietnamese Startups With Global Corporations: Jojo Flores, co-founder of the world’s top business incubator Plug and Play in Silicon Valley, participated in three seminars in HCMC in the past week to encourage the establishment of an innovative ecosystem, inspire the startup spirit among young talent, and sound out opportunities to connect Vietnamese startups with global corporations. He speaks with The Saigon Times on entrepreneurship and innovation after the seminars.


Market Expectations For July: Although the market may slow down in July, there will be divergence among industry groups, as money continues to move flexibly to those companies with solid business results.

Hope Rises Amid Challenges: As the middle class in Vietnam continues to grow, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and discerning. The ability to adapt to these changes is seen as a crucial factor for local businesses to stay at the forefront of emerging market trends.


A Home Away From Home: They say that life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself. This sentiment rings especially true for those who venture to a new country in search of fresh opportunities, like MICKA CHU, who has been living and working in Vietnam for nearly seven years and has found her new home here.

Trading On Boats: Floating markets are a vibrant part of local culture in the Mekong Delta region. Among them, Cai Rang floating market stands out as one of the largest and most traditional markets in the area.


The Walking Path In The Sea: The pristine white sandy road that links O and Qua Islands in Van Phong Bay creates a remarkable walking path amidst the ocean, a not-to-miss attraction for tourists exploring Khanh Hoa Province.

A Nutritious Porridge For Summer Days: With easy-to-find ingredients and simple preparation, as well as containing many beneficial nutrients for all ages, the traditional snakehead fish with mung beans porridge is a nutritious and refreshing dish, especially on hot summer days.

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