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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: Dealing With Idle Cash: In stark contrast with the liquidity crunch in late 2022 and early 2023 that forced banks to compete for funds by hiking interest rates, the banking system is now sitting on mountains of cash as the economy has little appetite for loans while deposits are steadily increasing.

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Diversifying Markets Amid Economic Downturn: In the midst of challenging economic conditions, handicraft and woodworking businesses are proactively participating in international trade fairs and exploring new markets to sustain production activities and retain their workforce.

Tapping The U.S. Friendshoring Strategy: Vietnam and the U.S. have formally elevated their bilateral relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership (CSP), thus creating a great opportunity for Vietnam to make good use of the U.S. friendshoring policy and become a high-income country by 2045.

Unlocking Potential In Innovative Services: HCMC’s global innovative service sector, backed by its significant role and large labor force, holds immense potential for bolstering productivity, enriching the digital economy landscape.


A Looming Influx Of Fresh Capital: U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent state visit to Vietnam has sparked hopes for a significant upswing in investment activity, particularly in the semiconductor industry.

New Opportunities Emerge For IP Developers: Industrial park (IP) developers have recently witnessed a robust surge in the industrial real estate sector, supported by a range of favorable factors. However, their stock prices are currently experiencing profit-taking pressure and corrections. Yet, the resurgence of foreign investment capital inflows, which are projected to further increase in the near future, could present fresh opportunities for this stock group.


The Legacy Of Khai Hoan’s Fish Sauce: Phu Quoc, a tranquil town nestled off the southwestern coast of Vietnam, is home to an inspiring tale of tenacity and reverence for tradition.

Harvest Season In Terraced Rice Fields: As autumn sweeps over the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam, particularly from the latter half of September to October, a remarkable transformation takes place— the harvest season.


Exploring World Of Caves In Cao Bang: Boasting a breathtaking natural stalactite system with a variety of shapes and a vast, magnificent expanse, Nguom Ngao Cave is a rare natural masterpiece that beckons travelers on a magical journey to explore the pristine world of caves.

Wind-Hanging Persimmons: A Delightful Dalat Specialty: Dalat, renowned for its favorable highland climate, is a perfect locale for cultivating persimmons. From mid- September to November each year, the Dalat landscape becomes adorned with the vibrant orange hue of ripening persimmons. These exquisite fruits, known as wind- hanging persimmons, are a coveted local delicacy during this season, often exchanged as cherished gifts.

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