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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: Awaiting A Conductive Environment: The diversification of global supply chains, coupled with changes to global trade under “new rules”, has given a boost to foreign direct investment (FDI) in the manufacturing sector in Vietnam. However, if the country is not quick enough to catch up with the fast- changing environment and enhance domestic productivity, it could lose its attractiveness.

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No Compromise: “The standards of monetary and credit policies cannot be lowered. Setting the bar low can only solve the issue immediately but would not be good over the long term,” said Chairman of the National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue during the October 16 session of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee discussing the socio-economic situation in 2023 and the draft plan for 2024.

A Sigh Of Relief: Government Decree 70/2023/ND-CP, which came into effect on September 18, 2023, introduces amendments and additions that simplify the process for businesses to recruit and manage foreign workers in Vietnam.

A Safe Haven In Times Of Crisis: In response to recent market volatility, an increasing number of investors are turning to SJC gold bars for trading opportunities. These investors anticipate a substantial rise in gold prices as they closely track international geopolitical developments.


The Renewed Fear Of Bad Debt: Bad debt is rising again, prompting concerns among banks and authorities, after a long period of strong efforts being taken to control credit quality and tackle non-performing loans in the banking system. It looks like the return of bad debt is inevitable as the economy evolves.

Can Q3 Profits Help Market Recover? Although quarterly earnings reports are always a factor that props up the stock market in the short term, third-quarter results in particular, as seen in previous years, do not give too much impetus since businesses tend to save the best for the fourth quarter.


Innovation In Rice Cultivation: Innovation takes center stage in the realm of “Green Growth,” symbolizing progress in both agriculture and sustainability practices. These efforts are led by agronomist Ho Quang Cua.

Vibrant Seaside Seafood Market: Every early morning, Man Thai Beach in the central coastal city of Danang bustles with activity as ships and bamboo basket boats come and go, transporting seafood to the shore.


The Tranquil Beauty Of Pho Cao Commune: Pho Cao Commune, about 110 kilometers from Ha Giang City, in Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province, offers visitors a mesmerizing blend of majestic natural landscapes, unique ethnic minority cultures, and untouched rustic beauty that few places can rival.

Savoring Snakehead Fish Porridge In Quang Tri: Hai Lang’s powdered porridge, more commonly known as snakehead fish porridge, has become an iconic culinary gem in Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province. This dish, celebrated for its delectable taste and distinctive appearance, continues to captivate tourists and locals alike.

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