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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

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Focus: New Healthcare Heavyweight Emerges: TMG and FV Hospital Usher In New Era Of Patient Care: In a major deal hailed as the most valuable M&A in Vietnam’s healthcare sector, FV Hospital in HCMC’s District 7 has become a member of the Singapore-based Thomson Medical Group (TMG). Beyond financial calculations, the acquisition is fueled by a shared commitment to patient-centric, accessible and high-quality medical services in Vietnam and across the region.

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Time To Walk The Talk: “There should be measures to encourage, promote, and ensure safety for those investing more in markets that can underpin economic growth, such as the stock market and corporate bond market,” says Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Huu Huan, University of Economics HCMC, in an interview with The Saigon Times.

What Will Drive Corporate Bonds In 2024? The resurgence of corporate bond issues in the last month of 2023 is a clear indication that this investment channel may gain traction in 2024. What are the main drivers that could support the corporate bond market this year?

Crossroads Of Green Growth: HCMC has made a commitment to follow a long-term roadmap for sustainable growth. However, successfully navigating the complex challenges of urban issues and the impacts of climate change requires a meticulously crafted strategy.


Bank Restructuring: After many years of delay, there are positive signals regarding the handling of weak banks. There will be significant breakthroughs in 2024, following the recent passage of the amended Law on Credit Institutions by the National Assembly.

Unveiling Profit Trends: The deadline for listed companies to release their Q4 2023 financial statements was January 30. By January 22, over 470 firms active on the three stock exchanges had sent out their reports, indicating a better business performance than the final quarter of 2022.


Tet Feasting In The Year Of The Dragon: The Lunar New Year, also known as Tet, is fast approaching, with February 10 marking the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. In both Vietnamese and Chinese zodiacs, the dragon is considered a supernatural animal, making this year especially auspicious. It is also believed to be a favorable year for welcoming new babies. To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, consider indulging in your favorite Tet dishes and complementing them with a delightful selection of beverages.

Vibrant Yellow Hue In Pomelo Orchard: For generations, Dien pomelos have been the revered specialty of Hanoi, the capital city. This unique variety of pomelo traces its roots to Dien Village, now nestled in the sprawling expanse of Bac Tu Liem District.


Exploring The Rustic Beauty Of Kala Lake: Kala Lake has recently captured the hearts of tourists with its rustic and majestic beauty. The harmonious blend of rivers, mountains, and forests offers visitors a serene and rejuvenating experience, washing away the weariness of daily life.

Savoring Traditional Delicacy In Northern Region: Rang bua cake, also known as te cake, is a time-honored delicacy originating from the Red River Delta in northern Vietnam. Today, it is a cherished treat commonly prepared during holidays and significant events.

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