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Wishing for prosperity and blessings

Photos and text by Adrien Jean

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The Ky Yen Festival (Fortune Wishing Ceremony) is the biggest annual event held at the Phu Nhuan communal house from the 16th to the 18th of the first lunar month.

The ceremony expresses devotion to gods and ancestors, wishing for prosperity and blessings. The festival starts on the first day with prayers for peace, traditional performances, and other rites based on southern tradition. On the second and third days, worship is held according to northern tradition.

The Phu Nhuan shrine was built in 1818. Throughout its 200 years, the house has been renovated many times, with the latest in 1998. The shrine, recognized as a national cultural and historical relic in 1997, is a place for residents to worship gods and for the younger generation to come and study the nation’s history.

A front view of the Phu Nhuan shrine where the Ky Yen Festival is celebrated
Welcoming guests with drinks and good wishes
Welcoming guests with drinks and good wishes
Welcoming guests with drinks and good wishes
The shrine is located next to train tracks
Praying rituals
Distributing flowers…
… and preparing offerings
Wishing for a good and prosperous year
Lion dance in the yard of the Phu Nhuan shrine
Participants take a group photo at the Ky Yen Festival
The stage
Behind the scenes

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