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Yen Bai lures tourists with 60-year-old bamboo forest

By Thanh Hien

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Pung Luong bamboo forest, also known as the Na Hang Tua Chu bamboo forest, with several bamboo trees standing straight, resembles a scene in a martial art movie.

About 20 kilometers from Mu Cang Chai Town in Yen Bai Province, the bamboo forest is located in Na Hang Tua Chu village, Pung Luong Commune. The forest has existed for over 60 years, covering an area of over one hectare.

To reach the forest, tourists must travel on very narrow, bumpy roads with a high slope. Tourists are advised to hire a local tour guide or ride motorbikes to conquer these roads or be careful to ensure their safety when they travel alone.

Hundreds of thousands of bamboo trees leading straight up to the sky create a wonderful space to rest and take photos. The deeper the visitors go into the forest, the taller the bamboo trees with dense rows, and the fresher and cooler the atmosphere.

Inside the forest, some bamboo huts and chairs are set up for visitors to rest and take photos

The bamboo forest is taken care of by locals, so it remains a wild, green, clean and peaceful space. In the past, the Pung Luong bamboo forest was a place to provide bamboo shoots for locals. Nowadays, to increase the income of locals and introduce the beauty of Yen Bai Province, besides Mu Cang Chai, the bamboo forest has become a famous tourist destination and has attracted many young travelers.

The forest is ideal all year round, so tourists can visit anytime. The ticket price to visit Pung Luong bamboo forest is VND15,000 per person. If visitors hire a car including transport in and out of the forest, the ticket is VND50,000 per person.

Besides visiting Mu Cang Chai during the harvest season, tourists can also experience the pristine beauty and the freshness of the Pung Luong bamboo forest. Due to the peaceful atmosphere, this is an ideal place for camping. Tourists can bring food, snacks, water, a tent and an anti-bud spray to enjoy some hours camping in the forest. They are required to clean the space before leaving to preserve the forest.

However, tourists should avoid visiting there on rainy days because the road can get slippery and difficult to travel.

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