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YOO Inspired by Starck puts Vietnam on list of branded real estate market

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For nearly 25 years of development, YOO Inspired by Starck has become the top residential and hotel design brand in the world with 36 projects in different countries. Each project of the brand is of great interest to the elites in the world.

The top favorite residential brand

The year 2016 witnessed an unusual event in Thailand’s real estate market: the elites eagerly bought over 50% of the apartments in a project in Bangkok before its launching day despite the steep price at up to millions of dollars. The project prompting that “real estate fever” was KHUN by YOO – the first branded residential project of the famous property developer Sansiri. Apartments in KHUM by YOO made Thailand’s rich people go crazy to own thanks to their uniqueness in design, operation, and experiential living spaces for users. KHUN by YOO with its huge attraction was created by YOO Inspired by Starck and directly designed by the contemporary legend Philippe Starck.

Since its completion in 2020, KHUN by YOO has set a new standard for luxury residential projects in Thailand and become home to many rich people and famous names in the land of golden pagodas.

Alfresco swimming pool – a highlight of KHUN by YOO

Additionally, a series of projects by YOO Inspired by Starck worldwide has never failed to fascinate the elites and gained remarkable achievements.

Up to 90% of apartments at Downtown Broad St – YOO Inspired by Starck’s first project in New York were owned by the rich after only seven days of launch. Some five hours after the official announcement, 66% of apartments in 75 Portland in Toronto, Canada, found their owners, while half of 1078 apartments in Dwell 95, an apartment project for rent in New York, were booked by customers prior to launch.

Customer preference pushed up the prices of some projects by YOO Inspired by Starck higher than expected, including Icon Brickell (Miami), and Gramercy (New York).

The exquisite design of Sapphire Residence – one of the top favorite projects by YOO Inspired by Starck

The Property Week Magazine explained the attraction of this world-leading residential and hotel design brand, commenting: “YOO’s design embraces individual choices and preferences”. Thomas Wolfensberger, CEO of Peach Property Group, the developer of the YOO Berlin project in Germany, also shared: “YOO is not just a brand. The unique and comfortable living spaces not only create great attraction for customers but also help elevate their lifestyles, which is the most valuable thing we expect from the cooperation with YOO”.

Hollywood Hills by YOO Inspired by Starck – YOO’s new masterpiece in Asia

YOO Inspired by Starck has been a name driving the appeal of any residential projects in the world. After nearly 25 years of development, YOO Inspired by Starck has carried out some 36 projects, all becoming magnets to the elites worldwide. This huge attraction comes from the exquisite spatial design by the worldwide famous talented creative director Philippe Starck and the special living experiences and classy lifestyle YOO Inspired by Starck provides its customers.

YOO Inspired by Starck made its first appearance in Vietnam with Hollywood Hills by YOO Inspired by Starck subdivision, under the MerryLand Quy Nhon mega project of the main investor Hung Thinh Corporation.

Similar to other YOO Inspired by Starck’s projects, the Hollywood Hills subdivision has attracted great attention from the public and astute investors although the official launch has yet to come. Hollywood Hills is not only the newest and only Vietnamese member among 36 other YOO Inspired by Starck branded properties worldwide but also owns huge advantages from the unique location, stunning view, and a limited number of distinctive villas for the elites.

Under the meticulous creative direction of Philippe Starck, Hollywood Hills provides customers with one-of-a-kind, elegant, sophisticated living spaces. With classical and cultural interior design styles, the Hollywood Hills subdivision both embodies the personality of the legend Phillippe Starck with his profound spirit of art for life’s sake and is characterized by the local imprints of Binh Dinh Province and Vietnam.

That unique living space becomes even more attractive thanks to the wonderful beauty of the landscape in the Hai Giang peninsula. Located on the hillside with a height from 40 to 100 meters, the luxurious and artistic villas afford breathtaking views of the place where the sky meets the sea and the bustling rhythm of “the land that never sleeps” Canal District – the first subdivision to be introduced by the MerryLand Quy Nhon mega project. This stunning view held the YOO’s design experts in awe when they came there for scouting.

“Hollywood Hills has an incredible location. Its villas will offer a stunning view of the place where the owners can be immersed in nature. I am really impressed.”, shared Claire Rizzi, the design director of YOO.

Apart from the stunning view, the Hollywood Hills offers special benefits for the villa owners such as luxury two-hull yachts, membership cards of MerryLand Golf Club designed by golfing legend Greg Norman, alfresco swimming pools, and a series of unique experiences in the city of peninsula.

With considerable investment, meticulous design, and cooperation with YOO Inspired by Starck, Hollywood Hills will promisingly complete the captivating picture of a beautiful resort at MerryLand Quy Nhon and is expected to attract tourists from Vietnam and around the world.

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