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You can have your dap cake and hit it too

By Tien Sa

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The Dap (hitting) cake is a specialty familiar to both young and old locals in Quang Nam Province. However, what’s most interesting is how this cake is eaten.

Dap cake is a midday snack favored by local farmers. Locals love eating this cake during Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday. The specialty is often available at street food stalls in the ancient town of Hoi An or other communes in Quang Nam.

Dap Cake consists of two layers: baked rice paper and a steamed rice cake. The steamed rice cake is sandwiched between two baked rice papers.

Baked rice papers are made from the rice planted in Dien Ban Town in Quang Nam, as rice from the fields in the locality produces rice papers with a white and chewy texture.

The specialty is often served with a dipping sauce made of fermented fish, called mam nem in Vietnamese. Sometimes, the local cook stir-fries fermented fish sauce with peanut oil, minced garlic and chili. Some lemon juice is added to the dipping sauce to enhance its flavor. Besides, the peanut oil is also applied to the surface of the rice papers; that’s how the locals in Dien Ban, Dai Loc, Que Son and Thang Binh districts in Quang Nam enjoy the dish.

While eating Dap cake, diners hit the cake and break it. Then, one piece is taken, dipped into the sauce and enjoyed. It is crispy, chewy and spicy, all rolled into one. When you can still taste the spice, drink a cup of hot tea for a great gastronomic experience.

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