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A must-try noodle dish in Quang Ninh

By Viet An

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Mantis shrimp rice noodle soup, with simple ingredients bringing the taste of the sea, has become another famous specialty of Quang Ninh.

Along with the thunder crab, mantis shrimp is a popular specialty from the martial land. For a long time, mantis shrimp has been a simple and rustic dish enjoyed by the locals for their delicious taste and nutritional value.

Its shell is harder than that of other common shrimps. Mantis shrimp is chewy and has a sweet flesh. The dish’s broth is made by boiling them with pork ribs and stone crabs for many hours to derive the naturally sweet flavor.

To cook the most delicious mantis shrimp rice noodle soup, the cook is required to choose and process ingredients carefully. Mantis shrimps need to be boiled on low heat, eliminating the fishiness of the flesh and ensuring it can be separated from the shell and peeled easily, retaining the sweetness of the shrimp. When peeling the shell of the mantis shrimp, the cook must be skillful enough to retain the entire flesh of the shrimp.

The dish is served by placing rice noodles in a bowl and adding fried tofu, mantis shrimp fillets, vegetables, herbs and fried onion flakes. Finally, the hot broth is poured into the bowl and enjoyed.

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