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A singer with passion for running

By Dinh Nam

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Singer Duc Tuan considered the Cat Tien Jungle Paths 2023 a Christmas gift presented to him by Santa Claus. When singer Duc Tuan was planning to spend the final days of 2023 in the natural landscape of Cat Tien forests, he was invited to compete at the Cat Tien Jungle Paths 2023, which was jointly organized by the authority of Cat Tien National Park and Race Jungle (a member of New Race JSC), together with over 800 runners. There were five different distances – 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km and 70km – available at the Cat Tien Jungle Paths 2023. Duc Tuan chose 42km. “Participating in the year-end running competition in Cat Tien forests is an interesting experience,” he says. “After running for a while, seeing a man running ahead, I followed him in order to have a companion. At the 28th kilometer, my companion got hurt and had to slow down his speed. I had to complete the remaining distance alone.” Duc Tuan was the first to arrive at the finish line of the 42km run for men after 4 hours, 15 minutes and 27 seconds. As a sport and nature lover, the singer is well aware that tourists can […]
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