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A sweet delicacy from Soc Trang

By Nhu Ha

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Sesame cake has conquered diners with its characteristic and sweet taste and aroma, attracting tourists to buy them as gifts when they visit Soc Trang.

Sesame cake is a labor of love, a unique specialty of Soc Trang Province, highlighting the locals’ sincerity, gentleness and hospitality.

According to some, the cake was brought to Vietnam after the migration of the Chinese to the country.

Sesame cake is made from familiar ingredients such as glutinous rice powder, taro, sesame, and malt. After being cleaned, the taro cover is peeled, ground into powder, and dried under the sun for a few days. Next, the taro powder is cut into small slices and each slice is rolled into round balls with glutinous rice powder. Finally, the balls are fried until golden and puffy.

When the cake is cooked, it must be taken out immediately and put on oil-absorbing paper, dipped into malt and the cake’s crust sprinkled with roasted sesame.

It is a treat to experience the unique contrast between the crust and the inside of the cake. The crust is crunchy and has a sweet, juicy flavor from the malt, which is blended with roasted sesame. The inside of the cake is soft and spongy and easily melts in diners’ mouths.

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