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A unique version of the Ia Sol spring rolls

By Tran Dao

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With its simple and easy ingredients, the tasty Ia Sol spring rolls have become a specialty of the locals of Ia Sol Commune, Phu Thien District, Gia Lai Province.

When it comes to the VND1,000 spring rolls, the locals in Ia Sol Commune will immediately recommend the Ba Tho eatery. According to them, this is the only place in Gia Lai Province where visitors can enjoy the dish.

Knowing the simple eating demands of the local people and the surrounding regions in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the owner of the Ba Tho spring roll eatery prepares this dish to cater to the tastebuds of the people in these areas.

The rolls, which consist of basic ingredients, are wrapped with fragrant rice paper and the ingredients are freshly chosen everyday.

The cooking process is also very simple. Shredded chayote is stir-fried with fatty meat and a touch of spice. The rice paper is dipped in water and placed on a flat surface. Some lettuce, herbs, bean sprouts and the previously stir-fried mixture is spread on the rice paper, rolled up and ready to be eaten.

The spring roll is only rolled when it is ordered by diners to ensure it is soft and retains its flavor. Therefore, only some 200 rolls are served everyday. The roll is not very big, so children can eat about three rolls in one sitting.

The Ia Sol spring rolls are perfect for those who love to eat vegetables.

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