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Another unique version of Quang-style noodles

By Nhat Minh

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Using simple and rustic ingredients, the locals of Quang Nam have cleverly created Quang-style noodles with snakehead fish that will leave diners in love at the first bite

The dish needs a skillful and meticulous cook to ensure its standard flavor. It is important to choose the best noodles made from delicious rice to ensure chewy Quang noodles. Some cooks even add turmeric so the noodles have a beautiful golden color.

After being cleaned and the bones eliminated, the snakehead fish slices are marinated with salt, sugar, seasoning powder, garlic, minced chillies and turmeric powder for 30 minutes. Then, the marinated fish slices are stirred in hot oil with purple onions and garlic.

To make the broth, the fish heads and bones are cooked with water for about 30 minutes, then strained to discard the fish bones. The fish broth is seasoned to give it its bold taste, while retaining the sweetness of the fish.

The Quang-style noodles with snakehead fish are sophisticated from the processing step and delicate in presentation. Fresh vegetables such as basil, mung bean sprouts, coriander and fresh lettuce are layered with the soft noodles, while the snakehead fish slices with peanuts and onions are placed atop. The broth is then poured into the bowl, and the dish is ready to be served.

Diners are advised to eat the Quang-style noodles with snakehead fish with green chillies, a specialty of Quang Nam, to enjoy the dish in all its glory.

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