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Suong noodle soup: A delight from Tra Vinh Province

By Phuc An – Bao Phuong

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Suong noodle soup, known as “bun suong,” instantly captivates diners with its visually appealing appearance featuring shrimp patties shaped like larvae coconut worms, complemented by a subtly sweet and sour broth prepared from a treasured recipe.

The shrimp patties are crafted from finely ground shrimp meat blended with minced onions, garlic, tapioca starch, and a medley of spices. To enhance their visual appeal, cashew oil is incorporated, lending the patties a distinctive yellow hue. The mixture is skillfully worked to achieve a chewy texture, after which it is molded into the distinctive larvae coconut worm shape and boiled in a pot of flavorful broth.

While the shrimp patties steal the spotlight, the soul of this Tra Vinh Province specialty lies in its broth. The broth is meticulously prepared by simmering pork bones for long hours, then skillfully seasoned with tamarind juice and soybean sauce. This process results in a light brown broth, setting it apart from other noodle soups.

To cater to discerning diners, some establishments go a step further by adding slices of boiled pork belly, peeled shrimps, and succulent pork trotters to the dish. Suong noodle soup is traditionally served with an array of fresh vegetables, including bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, morning glory, banana blossoms, accompanied by a small bowl of dipping sauce crafted from fermented soybeans and ground chili.

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