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Banh bot loc tran: A unique twist on traditional cake

By Tien Sa

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Banh bot loc tran presents a unique twist on the traditional banh bot loc, featuring a distinctive semi-circular shape and a transparent crust that reveals a vibrant red filling of shrimp and minced pork or mung beans. As diners indulge in this delicacy, they are treated to the delightful fusion of the crust’s elasticity and the savory sweetness of the shrimp.

In contrast to its banana leaf-wrapped counterpart, banh bot loc tran skips the wrapping process and is directly steamed, showcasing its colorful filling within the transparent crust.

Crafted from a tapioca flour-based dough seasoned with salt, sugar, and cooking oil, the cake’s filling is meticulously prepared with cleaned shrimp, braised with sugar and fish sauce, and mixed with minced pork. Some opt for a vegetarian version filled with mung beans. It is important to note that banh bot loc tran is best enjoyed fresh as leaving the dough overnight may lead to sourness and undesirable odors.

To enhance its presentation and flavor, the cake is delicately coated with scallion oil to prevent sticking and add smoothness to the crust. It is then garnished with fried onions, coriander, and pork fat. The dish is typically accompanied by a small bowl of signature Hue spicy fish sauce, elevating the overall dining experience.

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