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Be fish – A rustic dish in Quang region

By Thanh Ly

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The rustic and fragrant dishes made from be fish have become favorites among local fishermen and tourists when visiting coastal villages in Quang region.

Be fish, scientifically known as Scomberoides lysan, has a distinctive silvery appearance, coupled with dense, white and firm flesh. The fish possesses not only a delectable aroma, but is also highly nutritious and boosts human immunity. There are many ways to serve be fish, but the most popular are as sour soup with be fish and chargrilling be fish.

For sour soup, be fish is carefully cleaned, with intestines and fins removed, and then cut into bite-sized pieces. The cook pours the fish into boiling water, seasons with salt, chili, monosodium glutamate, pineapples, tomatoes, and waits until the soup is finely cooked. Be fish processed in sour soup has a fragrant aroma and fatty taste, as well as being reminiscent of the flavor of the sea.

To fully enjoy the natural sweetness and the original freshness of be fish, many diners prefer chargrilling the fish. A cook must choose a large, thick be fish, remove the intestine and gills, cut the fish in half or leave it whole. The fish is then grilled evenly on a hot charcoal stove, without adding seasonings until the fish is golden brown and its fragrant aroma has spread. With chargrilled be fish, the flesh still remains firm. The dish is served with fresh vegetables and a small bowl of dipping sauce, such as chili salt, garlic chili fish sauce or soy sauce, depending on personal preferences.

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