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Boiled young jackfruit, a Quang region specialty

By Tien Sa

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Young jackfruit holds a special place in the culinary culture of the Quang region, where it can be processed in various ways such as braising, soups, salads, and more. However, among these methods, boiled chopped young jackfruit stands out as a simple yet cherished choice, often appearing in family meals of locals.

To prepare this dish, the cook must select freshly picked young jackfruit with a stem that still oozes white sap and shows no signs of wilting. Thoroughly cleaning the jackfruit is essential, followed by peeling its skin in water to prevent sticky latex from clinging to the hands. The jackfruit is then cut into five-centimeter pieces.

Young jackfruit can be somewhat challenging to handle, as it may darken if left exposed for too long. To maintain its vibrant color and optimal flavor, it is best to promptly boil the jackfruit after peeling. This ensures that it retains its freshness when incorporated into various dishes.

Once boiled to perfection, with a soft and tender consistency that can be easily pierced with chopsticks, the chef carefully removes the jackfruit from the boiling water and places it into a basket to cool. Some cooks add aromatic herbs such as basil and Vietnamese coriander to enhance the dish’s flavor profile.

Boiled chopped young jackfruit is typically served with a small bowl of Vietnamese fermented anchovy sauce mixed with chili, garlic, and a splash of lemon juice. When enjoyed alongside a steaming bowl of rice, this dish offers a true culinary delight. Its unique combination of flavors and textures provides a satisfying and memorable dining experience, showcasing the culinary richness of the Quang region.

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