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Burning body fat

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Weight loss does not necessarily mean fat reduction. So, there are different ways to burn fat in your body. Fatty substances from foods will be metabolized in the body and used as energy when necessary. However, if you eat too much and have an inactive lifestyle, such fatty substances will be accumulated in the form of fat in the body. The accumulation of abundant visceral fat will cause abdominal obesity and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Therefore, you should pay close attention to burning extra body fat. To assert whether you have redundant weight and body fat or not, you should calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a person’s weight in kilograms (or pounds) divided by the square of height in meters (or feet). Another way to affirm redundant fat is to measure the waist-hip ratio (WHR). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the healthy WHR for men is 0.9 downwards, and 0.85 downwards for women. By setting clear targets, prioritizing healthy eating plans associated with doing physical exercises, sleeping sufficiently, and controlling stress, you can reduce body fat and thus improve your health. Effective ways to burn fat According to […]
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