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Delight in Danang’s tuna noodle soup

By Tien Sa

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Experience the delightful blend of fresh tuna and the distinctive sweet and sour broth that defines Danang’s mouthwatering specialty – tuna noodle soup.

Tuna, packed with essential nutrients for a healthy diet, boasts firm and delectable flesh, making it the perfect ingredient for a nutritious coastal dish. This specialty captivates diners with its rustic flavor, achieved through a straightforward cooking process and humble ingredients.

To prepare this dish, start by thoroughly cleaning the tuna fish and cutting it into bite-sized pieces, measuring 1.5 to 2 centimeters. Soak these pieces in diluted saltwater for about an hour to remove any fishy taste. After draining, marinate the tuna pieces with a carefully chosen blend of spices for approximately ten minutes, allowing them to absorb all the flavorful notes. Next, stir-fry the marinated tuna pieces until both sides turn a delightful golden hue.

While the tuna cooks, sauté bite-sized tomatoes and pineapples until they release their fragrant aromas. Then, combine them with the cooked tuna in fresh coconut water for a flavorful fusion.

For the broth, incorporate the braised tuna mixture along with selected spices into boiling water and simmer it over low heat until fully cooked. Some variations include adding crushed chives, mushrooms, and okra to elevate the broth’s aromatic essence. Throughout the cooking process, diligent skimming ensures a clear and appetizing broth.

Serve this delectable dish by placing an appropriate amount of rice noodles into a bowl, followed by the tuna flesh, tomatoes, and pineapples. Pour the fragrant broth over the bowl and garnish it with chopped cilantro and green onions. Tuna noodle soup is typically accompanied by a small bowl of chili fish sauce and a variety of fresh vegetables, enhancing the overall appeal of this coastal delight.

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