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Digiworld incubating the green bud

The Saigon Times

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This November will witness some 1,000 people joining a mini-marathon to raise funds for a program known as “Incubating the Green Bud”, which is the third edition to be organized by Digiworld for a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to benefit the community in various dimensions. The mini-marathon, with distances of one kilometer for children, and five and ten kilometers for others, is expected to raise some VND200 million from some 1,000 participants. Through its CSR program, Digiworld also expects to raise public awareness on nurturing young talents as green buds – figuratively – for the future development, and to boost green coverage for the land, literally.

“Green buds are not limited to the botanical sense. Our CSR activity may bear the literal meaning, providing seedlings for farmers to recover their agriculture or promoting reforestation for environmental protection,” said a representative of the company. “But what we care more about with this activity are children, especially those in difficult circumstances, to help them overcome hardship and achieve success in the future.”

The first Mini marathon was organized in 2019 with 376 participants, and Digiworld helped plant 400 trees in HCMC’s Can Gio mangrove forest. In addition, through the race, the company also helped set up a playground for children using old tires, and donated water filters in Vinh Phuc and Can Gio.

The second edition in 2020 saw stronger response, with the participation of 600 people. Following the race, Digiworld donated 600,000 seedlings for farmers in Quang Nam in March 2020 to recover agricutural production after devastating floods there. The company also donated 5,000 milk boxes worth VND1.2 billion to clinics and orphanages.

Long journey to support community

Since its establishment 25 years ago, Digiworld has sought to accompany the community with numerous CSR programs. A senior executive at the company said Digiworld’s community activities initially were spontaneous, but over the years, the activities have been reoriented, first to help the poor and patients, then to support education and healthcare, and nurture talent.

In 2016, the company launched a free meal program, donating 1,000 meals to hospitals and charitable eateries, plus VND5.6 million from a savings bank program launched by the company’s employees. This program was further expanded in the following year, with 4,650 meals delivered by 100 volunteers to the needy.

In 2018, the company spent over VND102 million helping upgrade or repair schools, and VND30 million to acquire health insurance policies for students.

Commenting on efforts to support the community, To Hong Trang, deputy general director of Digiworld said: “Life is not equitable for all. The gap can only be narrowed when the haves know how to help the have-nots.”

Prompt assistance during pandemic

Right after the first outbreaks of Covid-19 in the country, Digiworld quickly rolled up its sleeves by donating ten tons of essential products in March 2020 to frontline people in the fight against the pandemic.

In 2021, as social distancing became mandatory, Digiworld could not organize its annual mini-marathon. Instead, the company launched the “One million face masks – one million hearts” program to bring much-needed items to healthcare personnel as well as the general public.

The program was kick-started in May 2021 with 200 sets of essential items for a Covid-19 treatment facility in Bac Giang, the then coronarivus hotspot. Then two shipments were delivered to front-line personel in District 12 in HCMC where the pandemic was turning more widespread. When the situation became more widespread across HCMC, Digiworld formally triggered the “One million face masks – one million hearts” program.

Within seven months implementing the program, Digiworld donated over one million face masks, over 1,700 bottles of hand satinizer, 400 bags of washing liquid, and 1,650 protective suits among others. In addition, Digiworld’s partners also donated nutrition porridge, herbal drinks, vitamin tablets and others. These products were supplied to 25 hospitals as well as directly to frontliners in the city.

Digiworld is celebrating its 25th birthday later this year, and for this landmark, the company is organizing more CSR activities, including donating gifts to the poor and supporting orphanages. With the mini-marathon scheduled for November, the company plans to raise funds for reforestation in certain localities, as it did in Quang Nam and HCMC’s Can Gio forest. More importantly, green buds to be nurtured in its program this year will be poor but outstanding students who will benefit from scholarships to pursue their schooling.

For Digiworld, CSR activities are not limited to charitable activities. Rather, they are the company’s commitment to bring higher values for the environment, society and community where it operates. The famous saying by German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe that “…forever green is the tree of life” may go well with the company’s CSR activities.

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