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Egg coffee – the unforgettable taste of Hanoi

By Viet An

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Coffee, enjoyed any time of the day, now comes in different variants. Of them, egg coffee in Hanoi is one of the most popular.

As milk was an expensive ingredient in the 1940s, Nguyen Van Giang, the inventor of egg coffee, found an alternative ingredient, the egg yolk. He separated the egg yolk and processed it to replace the milk foam of the cappuccino, a popular drink then. The result was unexpectedly satisfying, and egg coffee gained popularity.

High-quality coffee is brewed using a filter. The egg yolk is separated from the egg white, mixed with honey and condensed milk, and then whipped until it is fluffy. The brewed coffee is then poured into a small coffee cup, and the egg mixture is added on top.

Egg coffee can be served hot or cold, offering customers different experiences. Hot egg coffee is served with a small bowl of hot water to retain its heat, while cold egg coffee is served in a larger cup compared to the hot one.

The best way to sip a cup of egg coffee is when it is still warm. The fat and sweetness of the egg cream blend perfectly with the bitterness of the coffee, leaving a unique aromatic taste. People who do not enjoy strong coffee can stir the egg cream with the coffee, so the sweetness eases the coffee’s bitterness.

Nowadays, egg coffee is becoming popular and can be found in many coffee shops in different parts of Vietnam. But Giang coffee in Hanoi is still the most popular, as egg coffee originated there. Despite many coffee shops serving egg coffee with different versions and processing methods, the egg coffee at Giang coffee continues to lure the most customers with its secret and unique recipe.

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