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Feasting on some Hanoi-style fried rice

By Viet An

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Com rang dua bo, or Hanoi-style fried rice with beef and pickles, is a common dish in the capital city of Hanoi and can be found in various eateries on Ma May Street

After browsing eateries, we chose a small one on Ma May Street to taste the specialty. The 300-meter street is home to many eateries serving Hanoi’s specialties.

According to local cooks, the best rice for the dish is cool rice, which is soft and loose when fried. The cool rice is fried with minced garlic in a cast iron pan. The beef and pickles are not stir-fried with the rice but separately.

A plate of fried rice topped with some pepper is served with stir-fried beef with pickles and a small bowl of chili sauce.

A tasty com rang dua bo must have tender beef and crunchy pickles. To enhance the flavor of the dish, diners can add some juice of the pickles and the chili sauce. Saltiness, sweetness and sourness are all combined in the specialty.

When traveling to Hanoi City, sitting on the sidewalk while enjoying a plate of hot fried rice with beef and pickles is definitely an unmissable experience.

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