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Fusion flavors of Dai Lanh squid rice noodles

By Viet An

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The distinctive Dai Lanh squid rice noodles of Khanh Hoa Province come to life through a harmonious fusion of flavors. The broth boasts a well-balanced blend of rich sweetness and subtle sour notes, complemented by the delightful sweetness of freshly caught squid. These elements, in perfect harmony with the tender rice noodles, define the unique culinary experience of Dai Lanh squid rice noodles.

This delectable dish boasts a straightforward yet flavorful combination of ingredients, including rice noodles, squid, tomatoes, pineapples, and fresh herbs. Its simplicity allows the natural flavors of each component to shine through.

The secret to Dai Lanh squid rice noodles lies in the selection of ingredients. Only the freshest squids, caught early in the morning, are chosen. These squids are selected for their ideal size, ensuring a tender texture.

The preparation begins when a customer arrives at the vendor. The rice noodles are briefly dipped in hot water and placed in a bowl. In a small pot, suitable for serving one person, the cook sautés onions, stir-fries bite-sized tomatoes and pineapple until they release their aromatic fragrances. Water is added to create a flavorful broth, and the fresh squids are gently incorporated. The dish is considered complete when the broth comes to a boil again. Finally, the savory broth is poured over the rice noodles in the bowl, and a garnish of chopped onions and cilantro adds the finishing touch.

The result is a harmonious medley of soft rice noodles, the delightful sweetness of squid, and a fragrant broth. Dai Lanh squid rice noodles truly captures the essence of this coastal region’s culinary tradition.

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