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Hue in red color of flowers

Text & photos by Hoang Le

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Every year, if you have a chance to travel to the imperial city of Hue at this time, you will see the red color of Bombax ceiba flowers in blooming season.

In fact, not many Bombax ceiba trees are grown in Hue, but the red flower has its imprints making the central city beautiful in tourists’ eyes.

Bombax ceiba flowers are grown in downtown Hue City instead of on the outskirts. When Bombax ceiba flowers bloom, they give a good chance for not only residents but also tourists to capture romantic moments in the city. Hue becomes more charming with ao dai (Vietnamese long dress), conical hats, and colorful Bombax ceiba flowers.

The Bombax ceiba flowers blossom, lightening up some corners of Hue
Bombax ceiba flowers are also known as “Moc mien” or “Po lang”
Bombax ceiba flowers have thick petals and bright red-orange colors like fire spots
When falling, the flower still retains its five petals as when it is budding
People may mistakenly think that the leaves fall to produce young leaves, but that is when the Bombax ceiba flowers bloom red
Bombax ceiba flowers often bloom at the same time. When blooming, trees will lose all their leaves, leaving only a prominent red color of flowers and dark brown color of trees.
When Bombax ceiba flowers blossom, it is a sign that summer is coming
Bombax ceiba flowers have a rustic but attractive beauty. There are many songs and poems composed to describe the beautiful flower.

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