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Nham noodles: Ha Tien’s frugal yet tasty dish

By Quynh Han

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Although Ha Tien nham noodles is a simple dry noodle dish, the harmonious blend of sour, spicy, salty and sweet allows diners to bask in the wonderful flavors of the quintessence of the southwestern region’s culinary art.

According to locals, “nham” means salad, made from shredded papaya mixed with sugar, vinegar, minced chili, fish sauce, boiled shrimp and pork sides, and herbs.

The processing of the dish is very simple, yet the dish is attractive thanks to the harmony of colors and flavors. The main ingredients of the dish include fresh rice noodles, papaya salad, dried shrimp paste, herbs and a unique dipping sauce made from coconut milk, fish sauce and fish broth.

The dipping sauce with a unique processing method is considered the secret to making the Ha Tien nham noodles. The recipe includes fish sauce with moderate saltiness to reduce the fatty taste of coconut milk and a dash of fish broth improves the aroma of the dish. Finally, lemon juice, minced garlic and chili are added to the dipping sauce.

With easy-to-find ingredients, a simple processing method and unique flavors, the Ha Tien nham noodles with a frugal, rustic taste and harmony of flavors will leave a lasting impression at first bite.

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