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Indulge in true elegance with Lucaris Crystal Glass

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Originating in Thailand, Lucaris provides crystal glassware collections that surpass mere aesthetics, embodying intricate craftsmanship and the essence of East Asian inspiration.

Celebrating Asian craftsmanship

Asia, a realm with a rich artisanal heritage, has extended its mastery to the art of crystal craftsmanship. While not the birthplace of ‘artificial crystal’ like certain European counterparts, Asia’s artisans have dazzled the world with their crystal creations. The hallmark of Asian crystal products lies in their pristine clarity, the melodious clink echoing pure elegance and a diverse array of shapes.

Hong Kong Hip collection has stunning lead-free crystal glasses with exquisite design

Lucaris is rooted in its Thai origin. This is a culture that represents not just the land of golden temples but also serves as a symbol of the entire Asian tapestry, especially Southeast Asia. Each piece of Lucaris crystal glass reflects the essence of Asian creativity – a fusion of meticulous craftsmanship and the passion of the Lucaris team.

Since its establishment in 2009, Lucaris has carved out its niche in the market with its exquisite high-end crystal glass collections, notably its unique wine glass lines. Upholding the brand’s message, ‘Passion Craft for Life,’ each Lucaris crystal glass, crafted with precision by skilled artisans, exudes a unique aura, enhancing the indulgent pleasure of drinking wine. In a world where wine was once merely an accompaniment to meals, today, the focus is on the art of wine appreciation.

Furthermore, Lucaris prioritises consumer well-being and environmental sustainability. This commitment gave birth to Lucaris’ lead-free crystal glasses, revered not only for their aesthetic charm but also for adhering to stringent material and safe manufacturing standards.

The Lavish features a diverse range of glasses suitable for both white and red wine

Elevating the wine experience

In the Vietnamese market, Lucaris introduces glassware collections under Lifestyle (Hong Kong Hip, Lavish, Shanghai Soul, Tokyo Temptation and Bangkok Bliss) and Master’s Choices (The Elements, Desire RIMS and GRAN). These collections have garnered global acclaim for their superior quality, durability, striking designs, and adaptability to various wines and occasions, be it intimate home wine tastings, grand soirées, bar services, or thoughtful gifts for special occasions.

The Lifestyle collection draws inspiration from the glamour of Asian metropolises such as Tokyo and Hong Kong, creating an enchanting fusion of Eastern allure and contemporary elegance. The Lavish series offers glasses tailored for both red and white wines, enhancing the nuanced flavours of these exquisite beverages.

Desire, a result of Lucaris’ collaboration with the Hong Kong Sommelier Association, Greater China (HKSA), aims to elevate the wine-tasting experience for all, from novices to connoisseurs seeking perfection. The Desire collection boasts six crystal glass lines: Desire Robust Red, Desire Elegant Red, Desire Rich White, Desire Crisp White, Desire Universal, and Desire Sparkling. Its unique feature lies in Aelumer technology – delicate, intricately curved patterns skillfully etched at the glass base. When swirled, the liquid inside creates graceful waves with captivating colours, enhancing the wine’s oxidation process, unveiling intriguing layers of aroma and softening the wine’s intensity for a more pleasurable experience. Combining modern technology with an artistic touch, the Desire collection has earned prestigious awards such as the “Contemporary Good Design Award 2017,” “iF Design Award 2018,” and “Golden Pin Design Award 2020.”

The Desire collection, with its elegant curve bottom, enhances wine’s full flavors

Fusing crystal and culinary excellence

To bring this exceptional glassware closer to Vietnamese enthusiasts, Lucaris hosted a Master Class event at Le Meridien Saigon Hotel in early October. Led by Mr. Nelson Chow, President of the Hong Kong Sommelier Association, Greater China, the event enlightened attendees on the artful pairing of crystal glasses with diverse wines and the selection of complementary dishes, creating an intriguing blend of flavours. Mr. Chow shared inspiring stories, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western cultures through Lucaris crystal glassware.

This event marks a significant milestone for Lucaris in Vietnam, heralding exciting future plans. With a commitment to offering unparalleled culinary experiences and artistic excellence through their elegant crystal glassware, Lucaris aims to integrate premium crystal glasses into the lives of wine enthusiasts, ensuring they become an indispensable part of wine connoisseurs’ collections worldwide.

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